What's a Maven?

MarkUpperPerhaps you've read Malcolm Gladwell's marvelous book ' The Tipping Point' The Tipping Point' The Tipping Point' (audio version) in which during chapter two, entitled 'The Law of the Few: Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen', Gladwell describes Maven's using the Yiddish origination as 'one who accumulates knowledge', and one of the three types of people common in starting 'word of mouth epidemics'.  And further that it's not just idle knowledge accumulation, Maven's know how to use their knowledge.

Thus a Success Maven who someone who not only knows about success, but knows how to be successful... thus they become experts in success.

Can I claim to be a Success Maven?  In many people's definition I'm very successful - I'm good at working on and getting what I want.  In my own view, I'm still becoming an expert in success, and I'm pretty sure that it's the journey that's most interesting.

One of my passions is reading, listening to books and other audio programs and occasionally attending seminars and workshops.  In a little over three years I've spent more than 1200 hours in this kind of personal development (or 150 eight hour days)... and in this blog I'll spout on those books, programs, seminars and workshops with the intention that if you too are travelling the success maven road, that perhaps we might walk a little of it together.