And what do you do?

AndWhatDoYouDo copyIs your work your passion?  If it is, there’s a great chance that you’re excellent at and excited by what you do.  In this case, you probably don’t need to read ‘And what do you do?  - 10 steps to creating a portfolio career’.

Working with your strengths, rather than working to ‘fix’ your weaknesses, has a high yield.  And people like Mike Pegg who runs the Strengths Academy makes a business of helping people do just this – I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from his teaching myself.

Apparently Bruce Haldane was the first career development specialist to suggest that we learn best from our successes rather than our failures and developed the concept of ‘motivated skills’ – those skills where we have talent and interest.

An important thing about our motivated skills is that many of us aren't terribly aware of them.  Perhaps you’re young and working out what they are, or after years of working in a career chosen when we were in your teens, the ‘ladder’ with it’s dangling prosperity has led you away from them.  In either case, one of the three things I think this book is excellent at is helping you understand those skills.

It’s a completely practical book, quickly mapping the theories it describes through straight forward exercises to your life.

It’s actually about ‘portfolio careers’.  The second thing this book is excellent at, is describing what a portfolio career is or can be.  In summary it’s a career where you may have multiple roles (or jobs) that take advantage of your multiplicity of motivated skills.  For example in my own case I mainly work as a a software product manager, teacher, mentor, landlord, speaker and business owner (and father, husband, …); though there are plenty of more colourful examples described in its chapters and the stories section of the website.

The final area of excellence for this book is helping you decide both whether you would benefit from a portfolio career and if so, how you go about creating a successful one.

I really do recommend it, whether you think a portfolio career might be the right direction for you or not it’s 10 steps offer really practical and interesting insight into yourself and the modern world of work.


Title: And What Do You Do?  - 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career
Format: Book, 234 pages
Author: Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger