Take It to the Next Level - What got you here, won’t get you there

Marshall Goldsmith audio program When you buy a book or as in this case a CD audio program, you really don’t know if it’s going to live up to the hype.  This program by Marshall Goldsmith from Nightingale Conant is however, a corker.  It combines two killer elements, solid information and humour.  I like lots of programs and books that don’t include humour, but Marshal does seem to have that rare, something special.

So, what’s it about?  Well, Marshall is an executive coach with both academic qualifications (he earned a Ph.D. from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management in 1977) and the experience that has honed it.  So, the program is about coaching… but not like I’ve heard it before.

Like many programs do, Marshall starts out on CD 1 by talking about success and successful people (and he’s worked with lots of successful people) – telling you both why they are successful AND why those traits (such as strong self belief, choosing success, being willing to do what’s necessary) can stop you from getting to the next level.

He then follows this up with the 21 bad habits successful people have – which he calls the 21 success factors  ; and of course some thoughts about how to change them (if you break the bad habit, it can help you succeed).  You get a good flavour of how the program is different with the first two:

  • Winning too much – when you’ve programmed yourself to win, it’s really hard to pull back and there are lots of situations where you really should, pull back.
  • Adding too much value – being used to having your own opinion and solving problems means that it’s really hard to stop, and again… there are lots of situations where it’s better not to solve ‘the problem.’

The 21 success factors run over two CD’s and are followed by a proven process on how to change.  Marshall does a nice job in making the program relevant to both an individual and a coach working with others.  And when working as a coach there are few basic and practical pieces of advice – for example, only work with people that want to change AND are prepared to put in the work to change (Marshall has a specific process that he can quickly outline to describe to an individual or team what ‘putting in the work’ means).  These sound terribly obvious, but I know I’ve worked with several people as a coach where the first bit was true, but second, being prepared to put in the work… wasn’t.

Marshall goes on to describe his specific process for affecting long lasting, effective and measurable change.  Along with the concepts of ‘feed forward’ rather than ‘feed back’ and ‘peer coaching’.

If you are planning on or are already in a leadership role or work as a business coach, like I said at the start, I think “Take it to the Next Level – What got you here, won’t get you there’ is a corker.

There is also a bookbookbook available with the same title, which I haven’t read, but I suspect is pretty good too.

Format: 6 Audio CDs + printed 51 page workbook
Author: Marshall Goldsmith
Dialect: US English


My Daughter wanted a pet, so I bought her a Greyhound

My Daughter Wanted a Pet So I Bought Her a Greyhound by Gill FieldingI know, what a great title for an audio program about money!  The first unique thing about it is that its from our American friends at Nightingale Conant but Gill Fielding who is supported by Peter Thompson are both British.  The benefit of this to the folks in the UK is that Gill refers to the UK market and the situation in the UK with the UK government etc.

Gill's goal and life mission(!) is to 'Fuel the fire of your financial freedom'.  As far as I can tell, she started this in a big way by giving away nearly a quarter of millions pounds on Channel 4's 'The Secret Millionaire' TV program - wow.

The uniting topic in the program is Gill's 'Money Matrix' a grid headed up by seven topics -

  • Compounding
  • Income & expenditure flows
  • Understanding debt & interest rates
  • Pound cost averaging
  • Taking advantage of Tax and government benefits
  • The money motorway
  • Passive

So, is it any good?  Well, I've read and listened to lots of material about money and of course there is some overlap with other modern money advice programs, but in general I loved Gill's stories, her completely down to earth 'east London' style and the practicality of the material.  Some of the content, for example related to starting a business, is quite high level, but it is good advice. If you're based in the UK, I'd be happy to recommend it.

Format: 6 Audio CDs + 1 Data CD for the workbook
Author: Gill Fielding supported by Peter Thompson
Dialect: UK English