The glowing face & Ignore Everybody!

Hugh MacLead Cartoon on a business card - gapingvoid.comHere I am again, sitting in front of big square light giving me a glowing face.  I do this a lot- for work, for buying books from Audible and getting them on my Zune, for managing the finances, for social networking, for … the list goes on.

So, how do I feel about buying a book, where most of the content can be found on the authors blog?    I could be sitting here, with my glowing face, piping the same wisdom into my skull!

This thought came to me as I was reading
Hugh MacLeod’s "Ignore Everybody -
And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
(and books from Seth Godin and Nicholas Bate for that matter).  Hugh’s route to fame was through his blog at which he’s persisted for years – starting sway back in 2001 when he was living in the UK (and when only the cool cats had even heard of such a thing)!  And his ‘cartoons on the back of business cards’.

The book came directly from the blog, in fact it was preceded by an online version called “How to be creative” and today you’ll find the first 12 ‘keys’ as in the book, online.

The thing about the content for me is that it comes from Hugh’s experience… he’s lived the challenges and put his thoughts out there – and the challenges are ones that I can connect with, and Hugh’s responses give me that “oh, someone else feels the same way, and that’s a good point!” feeling.

I loved it.

So, was it worth buying, when most of the wisdom is already online?  Oh yes - for this and all the authors I’ve read who publish their wisdom online.  I’m pleased for the break from the glow and revel in the space to enjoy the words away from the pace of my PC.


Title: Ignore Everybody – And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
Format: Book 158 pages
Author: Hugh MacLeod